Towards lighting smart grids: Control and monitoring software of a street lighting system with energy generation capability based on KNX bus
Student: Nelo Huerta Medina
Degree: Computer Engineering (3 year) 

Adviser: Emilio López Corominas, Rubén Muñiz Sánchez
External adviser: Manuel González Martínez (Jung Electro Ibérica S.A.)

Additional information:

Proposed as WRE work in 2011 and presented in November 2012 as Bachelor Thesis (BT)

Goal of the work
The project is in the field of smart grids applied to energy efficiency in street lighting with the addition of generation capacity of wind and solar.

The ability to measure actual environmental parameters (light and wind) simultaneously with measures electrical power generation project becomes a tool for technology assessment very interesting.

The developed software allows real-time interaction with points of light urban environmental data and current information about the desired light levels at all times. They have incorporated smart management strategies: adequate light levels at all times, decisions about saving energy or feeding the grid in the most interesting moments according to external criteria (i.e. smoothing the demand curve).

In this context, a SCADA type software for monitoring a new kind of street lighting proposal of the CE3I2 group has been developed.

KNX different elements have been selected in collaboration with the partner company's project to build a real prototype laboratory.