Autonomous solar garden lighting with high efficiency LED diodes using thin film solar panels (I) 

Blog report:  "WRE news: the new sap flows" (link)
Student: Páblo Álvarez Suarez
Degree: Industrial Electronic and Control Engineering (3 year)

Adviser: Manuel Rico Secades, Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez 
External adviser: Luis Fernández Nicolás (Ingeneral Energías Renovables S.L.)

Proposed as WRE work for Power Electronics (PBL scheme) in 2011 and presented as Bachelor Thesis (BT) in 2012
Goal of the work
Designing a small LED lantern powered from thin film solar panels for lighting gardens and trails.
The project team was made in the context of WRE and proposed different designs emerged from the students' creativity.