Development of a small wind generator for a street lamppost: Battery charger from Permanent Magnet Generator
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Student: Andrés José González Fernandez
Degree: Industrial Electronic and Control Engineering (3 year)
Adviser: Manuel Rico Secades, Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez
Proposed as WRE work for Power Electronics (PBL scheme) in 2010 and presented as Bachelor Thesis (BT) in 2012
Goal of the work
The work aims at designing a battery charger for a lamppost that operates autonomously using wind power. A vertical shaft generator Savonius type is used in the design with a PM generator. Due to values ​​depending on the wind they are adapted to charge a battery using a buck-boost converter.
The design of the lamppost consists of several coordinated projects, working in teams coordinated under ​​WRE initiative, to develop all the constituent parts. Thus, this project focuses on one of these parts, which is the battery charger, starting with a PM generator.
 A MCU unit is used to implement control and protection strategies.