HVDC system based on CSC (Current-Source Converters) technology with thyristors
Student: Elisa Zapico
Degree: Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering (3 year) 

Adviser: Manuel Rico-Secades, Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez 
Proposed as  Bachelor Thesis (BT) in January 2013.


Goal of the work

 HVDC facilities are spectacular and engineering projects of extraordinary complexity. 

Today is a very topical subject that is at the frontier of technology. Familiarize and engage engineering students in these subjects is the main objective of this project.

Familiarization with the design of an HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) power transmission over long distances technology based CSC (line-commutated Current-Source Converter).

The project has an educational purpose and intends to take the first steps to have a library of components for High Power Electronics using Google's free software (SketchUp). 

The project will be the power system simulation using real semiconductor and proceed to virtual assembly of a module library HVDC by sinks, transformers, semiconductors, on SketchUp .... on that purpose. 

The project opens the way for future projects in the field of high power electronics and expanding the libraries started with this project