WRE ideas

Slides prepared for Bioneros 2014. WRE Overview and ideas (link)

WRE partnership program

WRE partnership program: Spanish (link) and English (link)
WRE partnership program overview (link)

"Creating the future"

WRE is an offer for students  projects (degree, master, pre-doc (PhD) or pos-doc), to be performed in a multidisciplinary context around Renewable Energy and Environmental Issues.
WRE is running since 2010. Historic (link). From year 2013, all work have been officially published in Workrooms Journal (link).

WRE is based on a methodology of project-based learning (PBL) and seeks to promote teamwork, multidisciplinary, technical proficiency in English and promoting collaboration and business participation. One important goal is to encourage and to improve creativity of students.

WRE also aims to be a learning platform for the presentation of works and papers in journals and conferences, promoting the work of initiation into these aspects of the disclosure and dissemination of knowledge. A Journal has been created in order to disseminate students works (Workrooms Journal). This electronic publication is accessible in this link. 

WRE covers a range of technological activities in a multidisciplinary context about renewable energy, energetic efficiency, power electronics and environmental issues.

Proposed topics include among others: 
  • Power Electronics
  • Energy Conversion
  • Renewable energy
  • Electronic Instrumentation and measurements
  • Wind energy (onshore and offshore)
  • Solar energy
  • Renewable Oceanic Energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave energy
  • Smart grid

Report in EPI Gijon journal (number 5 - November 2012) (link)
-Link to full journal (link)
WRE methodology:
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the proposed methodology (link)

Workrooms Journal

Workrooms Journal is a peer-reviewed electronic journal in Open Access format linked to WRE initiative (link)
Workrooms Journal

WRE Awards 

Career and Master final project awards (link)

Energy and environment category (Ayuntamiento de Gijón)

28 december 2012

Hybrid solar and wind streetlight: Structural design and materials

  • Noélia Suarez Alonso
  • 2nd prize. (link)

EDP University Challenge 2012 (link)

19 october 2012 (Museo Thyssen - Madrid)
Additional information (link)
EDP University Challenge Homepage (link)
PROJECT 1: Fully Renewable LED Zebra crossing (Team winner: 1st prize edition EDP 2012)
  • Aída Vijande Veiga
  • David López Pérez

PROJECT 2: Wave Energy Generation Farm (Team Finalist)

  • Fernando Álvarez González
  • Fernando López Clemente
  • Claudio Álvarez González


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