What a life!

Webpage "Where is Asturias"
Your complete guide to Asturias (link)

A current phrase for our country:

A Great President:
A good advice for engineering students:

Against gender violence
"When you mistreat a woman stop being a man"
Contra la violencia de género
Never desert a comrade!
"France tour, 1969"
My beautiful daughters
Adriana y Sara


A hard work!!!
SmartMILE Conference logo
2013 SmartMILE Conference (link)
2013 International Conference on New Concepts in Smart Cities:
Fostering Public and Private Alliances 
December 11-13, 2013 Gijón – Asturias – Spain

CRUO - Robotics championship at the University of Oviedo (link)
What does an Industrial Electronics and Control Engineer?(link)
I want to be a researcher - spanish (link)


 Snowfall in Asturias - Spain (February, 10; 2015)

Rotterdam Marathon (2012)
"Ruta Reconquista" Half Marathon (2009)
Ruta Reconquista 2009

Imagine (John Lennon)

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