Fully Renewable LED Zebra Crossing
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Student: Aida Vijande Veiga, David López Pérez
Degree: Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering (3 year)
Adviser: Manuel Rico Secades, Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez
External adviser: Luis Fernández Nicolás (Ingeneral Energías Renovables S.L.)
Proposed as WRE work in 2011 and  now it´s runnig as Bachelor Thesis (BT)
Project winner in the EDP UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE 2012
Goal of the work

The fully renewable led zebra crossing is a system that makes the streets more secure for pedestrians. Visibility of zebra crossings is maximized by special led lamps integrated in the road. It alerts drivers that a pedestrian is crossing the road, decreasing the risk of a run over. The energy is optimized by a control panel that is activated by pedestrians when they want to cross the road.

            Energy for the system is provided by two Savonius turbines and five solar panels that are perfectly integrated in the urban scene, forming an attractive design element.

            The energy is stored in lithium ion battery blocks, which are hidden and protected in the design element. Batteries are sized considering the maximum expected consumption, providing to the system the necessary autonomy.

            The connection between energy sources and led lamps are a 24V DC bus, making the system secure for indirect contacts. The current generated by Savonius turbine is rectified by a 3-phase semi-controlled rectifier and then adapted by a DC/DC buck-boost converter. And the current generated by the solar panels is adjusted by a DC/DC buck-boost converter. The pack of batteries is connected to the bus through a DC/DC buck converter to charge it and through a DC/DC boost converter to provide energy to the bus.

            All electronic components are calculated and developed entirely and exclusively for this project, from the digital simulations until the PCB´s design.