Wave energy generation farm 
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Student: Fernando Álvarez Gonzalez
Degree: Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering (3 year)
Adviser: Manuel Rico Secades, Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez
Proposed as WRE work in 2011 and presented as Bachelor Thesis (BT) in 2012
Project finalist (15 project selected  in the final phase) for the EDP UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE 2012


Goal of the work
 Development of a device for wave energy generation based on a PM generator and implementation of wave generation farm with a group of this devices in order to supply a reacreational area with clean energy and inject the excedent energy to the grid.
This work is focus in the strategic area of Renewable Oceanic Energy (ROE) and it is linked with other works of WRE throught the Multifuntional Floating Platform (MFP project), a strategic collaborative project.