Solar-Wind powered lamppost: Structural design and materials

Slides: (link)

Student: Noelia Suarez Álvarez
Degree: Mechanical Engineering (3 year)
Adviser: Gonzalo Valiño Riestra, Manuel Rico Secades
Proposed as WRE work in 2010 and presented as Bachelor Thesis (BT) in 2011
Career and Master final project awards (link)
Energy and environment category (Ayuntamiento de Gijón)
28 december 2012
2nd prize. (link)
Goal of the work
Design of lamppost for street lighting. The lighting system is based on LED lamps and a complete design of both wind and solar generators has been proposed in the work.

A complete design of a Savonious wind generator has been included which incorporates a custom design of PM generator based on neodymium magnets. Electrical, electronic and mechanical considerations have been analyzed together in order to propose a smart system for street lighting which incorporates renewable energy utilization.

The use of this system in the Campus de Gijon (EPI Gijón) has been considered as a design example.
This project has been developed and coordinated under  a collaboration between Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Electronics areas of EPI Gijón.